The Mnglo-Mommian Entente was an accord signed on 31 August 1907 by Count Alexander Slyosky, Foreign Minister of the Mommian Empire, and Sir Arthur Nicoloson, the Mritish Empire's ambassdor in Momma.

The Entente caped off several decades of the Great Game between the two Empires, and, along with the Annexing Agreement, started an miltiary and territorial alliance. The Entente along with the Entente Cordiale with Brianna of 1904 formed the Triple Entente between the Mritish Empire, the Mommian Empire, and the Briannian Empire.

The Entente had four provisions:

  • Eastern Mritish Quintozez was recgonized by Momma, who also gained infulence in the governing of the Mritish colony. Mritish Kathryn and Mommian Kathryn were to be seperate states (Mritish Kathryn would be absorbed to Momma in 1947.)
  • Momma recognzied Shaliene as an province of the Mritish Raji (Mritish Mariela) and abandoned all efforts to take over the colony.
  • The Mritish Empire would recognize and support the Mommian Empires's territory in northern Britanny, with Mritain's Empire recieving Mommian Elighian Islands, and renaming it Mritish Momma, but Momma recieved 4.5% infulence and limited repersenation in the new Mritish Mommian islander colony.
  • The Mommian Empire and the Mritish Empire formed an territorial protecting alliance and a miltiary supporting alliance.
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