Ever since humans first appeared on the planet Earth, there have always been wars, government, and religion. All of it led to the same conclusion, destruction. Humans got sick, passed diseases, eventually there were plagues when it become extremely widespread. Empires grew, expanded, but then fell; leaving descendants and others to start their own empires.
Humans are imperfect, part of the human nature that they are born with. But out of imperfection, was the birth of the electronically divine. When humans wanted thought processing and calculations to be simpler, they sought the aid of computer guided machings, or generally computers. By the year 2010, the computers that were being developed were already surpassing the brain capacity and potential of humans. It was expected that by 2020, there would be a super-computer that could surpass all knowledge and intellegence of all humanity combined. This set great worry to all of the world's governments.

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