Accentabourne's national clothes is usually used on the nation's three main holy days; the National day, the Green Day and the Day of Heroes.

For Men Edit


The Teniorita suit.

The color on the men's national dresses is black and yellow, if they were any other colors on it, they risk to end up in jail. The jacket is mostly black, with two yellow buttons and a thin yellow stripe one each sleeve. Pants is also a part of the suit, black with gray stripes in different patterns. In royal families the men also wear a black cape and shorter sleeves to highlight their society status. The size of the cape and the length of the sleeve represents how near they stand the top of the iceberg. Low royal families, like lord and Under-Malis wears a quite short cape that barely touches the ground, and have full length sleeves. But the president's nearest family wears a six meter long cape and their jackets are completely sleeveless.

For Women Edit

There are three groups of women's national clothes, each with it's own age limit. Junioritas (12 and younger) wears a red and black dress with pink laces and decorated clogs. Tenioritas (13 - 30) wears blue and black sleeveless turtleneck and skirt. Senioritas (31 and older) wears a red and black dress similar to the one the girls wear, but more detailed and harder to clothe.

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