Nightin Empire

The Nightin Empire United amongst states called Nightin States with at least five major Nightin States being the power house and Three other Nightin States being the Secondary powers of the Nightin States and finally the Third Powers of the Nightin States which being small and having a less of a military power. The Nightin Empire government is split amongst four branches. Monarch Branch, Holy Monarch Branch, War Council Branch, and the Economic Branch. The Nightin Empire main religion being the Atheniän Odoxiä worshipping a total of 22 Gods and Goddesses With Atheniä Nightania being the main God being worshipped by the Nightins. She being the Mother of Nighta and Jackiä Nightä being the father of Nightä. The Nightin Empire has a lot of History when spoken.

Nightin StatesBold textItalic text As Spoken before the Nightin States have a major role in the Nightin Empire they are what keep the empire united as one and spoken once again there is Three type of Nightin Power States in categories.

Major Nightin StatesBold text These are the Major Nightin States with power over the rest which being North-Atheniä, Westhriä, Otto-Nigh, Souxiä, and Holy Nightä these states also have their own armies that are loyal to these Nightin States and the Nightin Empire they also have large enough economies to be an independent faction of themselves.

Secondary Nightin StatesBold text The Secondary Powers are smaller compare to the major powers these Nightin States have excellent military power and economy but not as great compared to the Major powers but are important to the Nightin Empire these Nightin States includes Pri-Ray Nightlee, Nightleniä, and Austrixiä-Hungtrixiä.

Third PowersBold text The Third powers being the weakest amongst the rest they highly depend on others to survive and they are even smaller compared to the rest they are also referred as Border States to separate some Nightin States who don't approve one another some are made for political reasons while some are made due to other reasons.

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