Nomia is a stunning geographical region, with mountains stretching up to the sky adn red sunsets filling the view. It's capital is Marnca.


Renomia and the civil warEdit

Nomia has been home to many tribes and civilisations, but most believe that the Renomians were the first. However, they were driven out by “modern” Nomians, who were outcasts from Routa, and were forced into hiding. These “new” Nomians dominated for centuries, throwing their weight around and earning a bad reputation. Most of Daisk people who lived from 240 BWI (Before the War of Ivory) onwards were not even aware of the Renomian’s existence. However, at approximately 30 BWI, The Renomians raised up a patriot army to challenge the rowdy conquerors. The Rebellion was crushed, but still some survived. In 0 BWI, at the time of the war, The Renomians sensed their enemy was weak and seized control of a north-western province, which they named renomia. The Modern renomians were now caught between destroying the Ivory Kingdom and destroying the Renomians. The chose the first, but were destroyed at the final battle of Ivory. The country was Then Seized by the Renomians.

Allies and Enemies (Modern Nomian era)Edit

The Nomians had always had good relations with Infania, but the opposite was true with Linia and The central states (Now the Ivory Kingdom and Droom).

Allies and Enemies (Second Renomian Era)Edit

After The Modern Nomians had been overthrown, Nomia was strong allies with The Ivory Kingdom, although Linia still didn’t trust them. Infania then became Enemies to them. The Reformed Nomia then became part of The Union of Northern Regions.

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