North Oak is a major city in northern Jill. Located 200 miles from North Port, is it the northernmost major city in Jill. It has a population of 1,630,000.

Besides being a major business center, especially in the logging and mining industries, it is also the main military base for Jill. The Military of Jill operates the North Port Military Base and the North Port Missile Center on a large plot of land in the east area. These are tight-security areas and contain some of the country's most powerful weapons (including atomic bombs). While the bases are inside the city limits, they are hidden in a dense pine forest about 7 miles from the suburbs. A secured highway is the only way to the bases.

There are two major highways in the city, City Freeway 7 and National Highway 1. North Oak is served by North Oak International Airport for flights, and is a major city for Air J.

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