North Oudonay is a 2003 film starring Daniel Preice, Jax Dunleavee, Jonathan Ghaun, and Rohn Spears. It premiered in theaters in September of 2003, and was nominated for "Best Picture".


Setting and Filming LocationsEdit

The film is set in fictional North Oudonay, a rural town located in what is now Lohana, in the summer of 1842. Most of the film was shot in southern Lohana, but some scenes were shot in southern Arubio and southern Cutra. Filming locations included the towns of Newlay, Oudonay, Le Donna, and Carolina in Lohana, Pierceburg, Queanta, Mennissaw Hills in Arubio, and Ampala Falls and Daggard in Cutra.


Joseph Honeycutt, Jr. (Preice), the son of famous lawman Joseph Honeycutt, Sr. (Belsch), meets a runaway named George McLouder (Dunleavee) after moving from Liberty to North Oudonay. The two become best friends. When Joseph, Sr. finds out about the friendship, he orders his son not to hang around George anymore. Joseph, Jr. just thinks his father has a grudge against the McLouder family, but it turns out that the McLouders have a history of crime. Joseph, Sr. tells his son that George's grandfather, Earl Southwell McLouder, was responsible for many crimes in the 1700s.