Novulstism is a religion developed in 1803 when a man named Rodregar Novulst claimed to have seen seven spirits at Mol₪ccan Mountain. It is the main religion in Vantrapolis.


The Seven Spirits are the Gods and Godesses:

  • Anöch - The father of the Universe.
  • Çzushh - The mother of the Universe.
  • Znaare - The daughter or Anöch and Çzushh and controls emotion.
  • Nlukhém - Znaare's brother, controls sunrise and sunset.
  • Aiźart - Anöch's brother, controls life and death.
  • Ńakuma and Oloĝem - The twin sons of Aiźart, Ńakuma controls time, Oloĝem controls fate.
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