An oddie is a small round creature with feet. They live in Slugrum. There scientific name for oddie is GAF (Geneticly Altered Frex). They are are similar to frexes in that they are spherical with eyes and feet, but they are different in many ways. The most visualy obvius is that they lack the two abosable organs on the side of the body that inflate and give frexes there well known and distinguishing feature: arms.

History Edit

Date: Post-Falltober, Sluggsday 3rd, 1642 (See Frezanian Global Calender)

In a small resarch lab in sothern Frezania, Dr. Lubert von Roagmen, frex scientist with a PHD in Consumology, was conducting an experiment trying to make frexs' stomachs bigger so they could eat more. Somehow, in a phenomenon that still puzzles oddie scientists today, his experiment went wrong. As a frex would say: "horribly" wrong, an an oddie: "wonderfully" wrong. When he was carefully mixing chemicals for an injection on his patient, who was not in the room at the time, his cellphone rang.

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Growing Up Edit

When an oddie is born, they will be either light blue (boy) or pink (girl). Then they will be adopted into a family and take their family's name. When they develop their power, they will also develop their color. When they have gotten them both, they can change their name.

Powers: Edit

There are 17 diferrent oddie powers, 6 regular, and 11 irregular. Each oddie has a different power, and a color to go with it.



  • fire
  • water
  • ice
  • bomb
  • earth
  • nature


  • lightning
  • iron
  • acid
  • magenet
  • air
  • light (As in photonic wavelengths)
  • crystal
  • rubber
  • storm
  • brain
  • quantum


  • Rainbow (see History)
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