Yakkotopia's Flag

Official name
Ian Byrnes
26,070,0002006 estimate
29,900,3002007 estimate
32,009,3002008 estimate
Large Cities
November 23, 1896

Okkaytopia is a country in Tome, north of Okkawnell, and west of Niarbania on the offical Tome map. On it's sides are the Yknipatic Sea on the right, the DoogSea on the left, Okkawnell connected on it's south, and more of the DoogSea on it's top, according to the map.


Okkaytopia was the first place visited on Tome, in 1896, after humans polluted their last planet so much, it might've been a dead planet with all it's pollution.

It's most famous city is Fran, also where it's president lives, who currently is Ian Byrnes, and other city's themselfs, under the right education, know it as one of Tome's most known, if not the most known, city all around Tome.

During 1896 to 1919, Okkaytopia finally gained 10,000,000 residents. Also during this time period, Okkaytopians put there technology from there old planet, with half into use.

Luckily, a man known as Bob spent three years into use, and found an energy source to make pollution stop, with his project starting March 1924, and ending either late April or early May 1927. He was young during that time, and became the richest man in Okkaytopia, that after his death, everyone somehow related to him wanted to be the heir to his cash.

In the 1940s, most of Okkaytopia's features took name. During this time, they named Htuomlowf, Lehpar, The Waterbank, Old Wheesy, and the Renraw Airport.

In the 1950s, the number of Okkaytopia dropped, as at this time, the older ones didn't want to make new ones.

In the 1970s, that fase of Okkaytopia's life was over, as it contained 20 million people.

In the 1990s, Okkaytopia fought in the 0,0, and T War.

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