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ImagineWiki is the Wiki where you can create articles about stuff straight out of your imagination, currently with 2,398 articles. Countries, cities, cars... whatever you want. Just start an article and use your mind. If you have a lot articles that you have created here, or if you just want to Imagine-a-Wiki (have you own wiki), you can start a mini wiki here at ImagineWiki to collect the articles. Think of this wiki, and your own mini wiki, as your Wikipedia. Before starting, please view our policies.


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ImagineWiki is in an unstable condition at the present time. MightyErick, the editor who helped build this wiki into the tower of imagination, has resigned and created a new Wikia where he moved over 700 articles formerly on this website. This resignation was due to a number of factors, and it may partially be my fault for not logging on regularly to check the condition of the website. Now that MightyErick is gone, ImagineWiki has dropped from 1500 articles to only 350. I respect MightyErick's decision, and hope that he does well with his new wiki. I am quite saddened at his departure. Now that we have lost about half of our articles, we need you to make new ones!! Please help ImagineWiki recover by making more articles.

Sincerely, — JuWki ¤ Home pageΞ Talk 21:11, 11 April 2008 (UTC)


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