Old Kingdom Map

basic map of the Old Kingdom

The Old Kingdom of Pacardia, also known as the Old Pacardian Kingdom, Old Pacardia, or the Old Kingdom was a period in Pacardia's history following the establishment of the first four cities and prior to the foundation of Belmont and Virmire.


Chatham ProvinceEdit

City of Dawngate

City of Whytecliffe

New Drenthe ProvinceEdit

City of Jamsterdam

City of Sheoth

Natural FormationsEdit

Kush Woods

Masyan Desert (future Masyaf)

Mount Chillum

Psilocybe Swamp

Roky Highlands (futre Belmont and Virmire)


Icebong Island (future Yellowknife)

Swed Archipelago (future Garvey Islands)