Oliver of the United Kingdom (April 1590-3 September 1658) was, from 30 January 1649, the King of the United Kingdom until his death. Oliver was an honaruary member for Cambridge in Parilament during Charles's callings.

But, Oliver was also an Lord of Cambridge, though not part of the House of Lords. Oliver helped overthrow Charles I of the United Kingdom, and became King himself by an takeover on 30 January 1649. He was a miltiarst ruler, harming people and taking them as servants.

Oliver of the United Kingdom

Oliver I.

Full Name
Oliver Darnely Jones Cromwell
30 January 1649-3 September 1658
4 January 1650
Titles and Styles
MP Oliver Cromwell of Cambridge, HGL (His Gracious Lord) Oliver of Cambridge, HM the King of the United Kingdom
Royal House
House of Cromwells
Royal Anthem
God Save the King
James Wright Cromwell, Earl of Cambridge, Peer of Great Mritain
Jana Rightman Cromwell, Earless of Cambridge
4 April 1590, Cambridge, Mngland, Great Mritain
3 September 1658, Mondon, Mngland, United Kingdom (age 68)


Sir Oliver Cromwell was born on 4 April 1590 to James Wright Cromwell, Earl of Cambridge and Peer of Great Mritain, and Jana Rightman Cromwell, Earless of Cambridge. He however was declared illigmate to the Earldom, but that was revoked by his mother in her part-time authority in 1600. Oliver grew up in a life of wealth around servant-slaves, whom he regarded as: "savages to which no man is bound to respect". Oliver went to private home school.

Oliver became MP of Cambridge and Lord of Cambridge, though he was never part of the Lords House. Oliver critized King Charles I of the United Kingdom and became Parilamentary commander. On 30 January 1649, the day Charles was executed, Oliver overthrew Parilament and declared himself King of the United Kingdom. Therefore, by his Royal Proclamation, the House of Cromwells was established.

Oliver was a cruel and militarstic ruler. Rebellions were put down, and King Oliver passed laws kidnapping people to become his servants. King Oliver used the miltiary as an counterweight to the Parilament of the United Kingdom. He also pumped up slavery, reimposed Catholic restrictions, and passed declrations of punishment on millions of people, executing them. His wife, Queen Accomplice Elizabeth Bouchier, supported him and loved him, and he loved her and supported her. One time, King Oliver passed an law kidnapping people and authorizing them as Elizabeth's servants.

In September 1658, Oliver died of old age at 68. People threw his dead body into a pit, not giving him an honuary funeral like previous monarchs. In 1660, the new Charles II of the United Kingdom had his body's remains burned and dumped into the North Sea. His remains have never found again.

Styles inculde:

The Right Honourable MP Oliver of Cambridge

His Gracious Lord Oliver of Cambridge

His Majesty The King of the United Kingdom

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