The OlvAnPutt Line is a heavy artillery and AA defense line of Applecity.It stretches all around the island and totally withstands of 400 AA missile launchers with four missiles each and 600 EM Heavy Artillery Bulbs 400mm,the OlvAnPutt has a maximum fire range of 50 km and also includes tunnels with elevators that leads to bunkers that has been spread across Applecity.Its name is from the three "cat"s that desinged and helped to build it,Oliver,Viran and Putte.The OlvAnPutt line idea started in early 1994 and construction stated in Mars 1997,the line was finished in June 2003.The line and its bunkers is desinged to survive a 90 megaton bomb which actually is very strange,because if a 90 megaton bomb detonated somwhere in the middle of Applecity the island wouldent, as simple as it is, be there any moore.A uppgrade for OlvAnPutt is going to be made in December 2009 it will be able of disrupting bombs and missiles which will lead to that Applecity can´t be knocked out with bombs.It will also have a extremly well uppgraded security system, because three times Applecity has captured Brie-cheese spies that have been infiltrating OlvAnPutt, thought no leakes of information has been discovered. After that uppgrade program Findus has an imagine image that will be if someone try to invade Applecity,even thought bombs and missiles can´t harm Applecity artilliry can,then the army and civilians will hide in OlvAnPutt and when the enemy think they has beaten the shit out of them and startes to move on to the island, the army and millitia shall take them by surprise and hopefully win.

The line is set between 50-205 from the water line around the whole country with the AA line being 200m behind the artilliry bulbs.

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