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Real Name: Unknown

Status: Villain

Occupation: Dark sorcerer from another realm; would-be world conqueror; co-leader of the Blue Cyber Tech Force

Powers/Abilities: This mystical person is bonded with a magical cybernetic force; seemingly technopathic; he wields nearly immeasurable and invincible powers such as commanding the elements, telepathy, telekinesis, highly charged energy blasts, astral projection, x-ray vision, and energy barriers; powerful spellcaster; he has cybernetic sensors on his ear parts of his head, giving him enhanced hearing and radar senses; controller of the Book of Dark Summoning, which allows him to summon forth many deadly and dark creatures (which are sea beasts, dreaded mammal-like monsters, giant insect-like monsters, elemental beasts, magical demons and creatures, etc.), including the gigantic Hellblaze Worm (the most dangerous and favorite of Omion’s creatures); he can bring back his creatures once their essence is brought back into his magical book (if the book is destroyed, the monsters are destroyed with it).

Omion 2


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