The Orange Time Booth
Time booth

Drawing of the Orange Time Potty.

The Orange Time Booth
Time machine, Time-traveling equipment
Technological Level
Level 3 (futuristic)
Traveling in time
Professor Charles Young
November 2006
5 January-4 April 2007
First Tested
14 April 2007
Times used

The Orange Time Booth, also known as the Orange Time Travel Machine, the Orange Time Machine, the Time Booth, the Orange Booth, the Travel Booth, or simply as The Booth is a time machine developed, built, and owned by Professor Charles Young. The time machine, constructed in 2007, allows (as the name implies) time travel to the past, present, or future.



The Potty was the brainchild of Brianna Barton. Brianna was a sixteen year old red-head. However, unlike most other girls of her age, Brianna was intelligent, and more intrested in reading the Theory of Relatvity then going out to parties. She also was a technological genius. Brianna had invented the world's first carbon-freeszer, a improved microwave, and she had also developed a computer with faster speed and less battery consuming power. Brianna had also discovered a way of turning waste into use for gasoline for cars and machines. Brianna had also discovered on how to make recycled plastic into usuable paper.

One day, Brianna was watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and got an idea What if I COULD build a time machine. She then thought of it and began to make plans to this effect.

Telling the Others; PlanningEdit

Brianna then approached her younger sisters, Jessica and Samantha (Brianna was 18, Jessica was 16, Samantha was 14). She told them of her idea. At first, the younger sisters doubted: Jessica said the work of traveling through time was impossible, Samantha said if it was possible, it would break down. Brianna then informed them of her other inventions and reminded them they had doubted, but the inventions had succeeded. She also stated each sister had their own skills: Brianna could make the blueprints, Jessica could organize and coordinate the project, and Samantha could construct the time machine. Finally, they agreed, and made up a name for their time machine. Samantha had just read these books, about a time machine called the Purple Time Potty, so she presented the name Orange Time Potty, to disguise it, but it was to be a regular time machine. The other sisters agreed and planning began.

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