Our War
Original Run
September 2007 - present
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Our War is a sitcom starring Benjo Weaver and Beth Schipps (who are also spouses off-screen) as a married couple living in Cleveland, Ohio with their two teenagers.


Thomas "Tommy" Quattlebaum (Benjo Weaver of East City Boys fame) is an office worker living in Cleveland. He is married to JoAnne (Beth Schipps) and has one daughter Heather (Ann Carrollie) and one son Wesley (Justin Brixley). Tommy gets involved in a "war" with his teenagers as they frequently disobey him.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Thomas "Tommy" Quattlebaum (played by Benjo Weaver) - Tommy is the father figure in the Quattlebaum family. He is an office worker. Tommy is a father of two who means well for his family, and sometimes ends up being strict on his two teenagers. He is a man who likes football, and he takes over the television in the family room when his favorite team is playing.

  • JoAnne Reiss-Quattlebaum (played by Beth Schipps) - JoAnne is the mother figure in the Quattlebaum family. She was a stay-at-home mother until her children became teenagers. She was a librarian in the first season, and is a school's guidance counselor the second season. JoAnne, like her husband, can be strict.

  • Heather Quattlebaum (played by Ann Carrollie) - Heather is the Quattlebaums' teenage daughter. She usually argues with her parents because they "rarely give her much freedom". Heather is a high-school student who loves frequently disobeying her parents.

  • Wesley Quattlebaum (played by Justin Brixley) - Wesley is the Quattlebaums' son. In the first season, he was a high-school freshman who often gets picked on by older students. He was rarely disobedient. As the show progresses, Wesley becomes more and more disobedient toward his parents.

Recurring charactersEdit

  • Henry Habbott (played by Aaron Mischaval in season 1 and Ethan Gauph from season 2 onwards) - Henry is Tommy's boss. He is portrayed by Mischaval as a humorous man who likes to make his employees (and their family) laugh. Gauph portrays him as a no-nonsense, tough-as-nails man who, according to Tommy, "commands like a boot camp sergeant." Aaron Mischaval was cast to play Henry during the entire series, but he left after the first season in search of film roles and was replaced by Ethan Gauph.

  • Bill Pingett (played by Stephen Louis Mongreaves) - Bill is one of Tommy's co-workers. He is a short, balding man with a great sense of humor. Bill frequently gets on Henry's nerves, and is eventually fired. Bill's personality is similar to Mongreaves's character in the 1970s sitcom Well, Joagie?.

  • Derek Lirge (played by Chris Masserby) - Derek is one of Wesley's friends. He states that he is a heavy smoker who will break the law to be able to buy cigarettes. He was disowned at age 12, because his parents Melissa and Charles (played by Wanda Harpton and Carl McDeese, respectively) could not stand his disobedient ways.
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