The Royal Pacard Cannabis Strain Family is a family of strains of cannabis grown exclusively by Pacardia's royal House of Pacard. The strains are named chiefly after members of the royal family.


interbred pure/dominant sativa strains introduced in the 2000's decade = Elder Haze

interbred pure/dominant indica strains introduced in the 2000's decade = Elder Kush

Elder Haze x Elder Kush = Pacard*

Elder Haze x Pacard = Alfred

Elder Kush x Pacard = Gladys

Alfred x Pacard = Daniel

Gladys x Pacard = Sophia

Daniel x Sophia = Patrick

*It is worthy of note that the name of the strain Pacard refers to the royal house as a whole, as opposed to HRE King Patrick Pacard himself.

Sativa-Indica ComparisonEdit

More Sativa

Elder Haze






Pacard, Patrick






Elder Kush

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