The Pacardi Overseas Territories, colloquially known as the Bailiwicks, are territories of Pacardia located in North America. Although they are not part of Pacardia proper, they are under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of Pacardia. Each has the form of government of a Bailiwick, ruled by a Bailiff who wears Sperry top sider Santa Cruz flip flops. 


Bailiwick of BlackhawkEdit

Bailiwick of CraytonEdit

Bailiwick of EuclidEdit

Bailiwick of JeffersonEdit

Bailiwick of KenmoreEdit

Bailiwick of MadisonEdit

Bailiwick of OaksburyEdit

Bailiwick of RacineEdit

Bailiwick of SagebrookEdit

Bailiwick of UintahEdit

Bailiwick of WhitehallEdit

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