The Pacardia presidential election of 2011 occurred on February 1, 2011.


Instead of using term limits, the people typically elect new executive and legislative leaders whenever they see fit. However, this case differed. Since his arrest in December of 2010, former President Julian Assange of the Pirate Party has been extradited to the United Kingdom. A new election cycle had to be underway.

Primary WinnersEdit

Classic LiberalEdit

Tuomas Holopainen


Andrew Napolitano


Louis Freese


Cordozar Broadus

Peace, Freedom, ProsperityEdit

Joseph Dickens


Phillip Adams


Dennis Kucinich


Boots Riley


The Constitution Party's Andrew Napolitano acquired the most votes among primary victors. However, a grassroots movement that desired a first feline President succeeded at making Capone Katzet win as a write-in candidate. At the time, Capone was the Bailiff of Jefferson, one of the Pacardi Overseas Territories.

Lingwistix v. KatzetEdit

A case was held in the Court of Virmire. Chancellor of Culture Lingwistix was the plaintiff. He cited the Preamble of the Constitution of Pacardia, requiring Presidents and Prime Ministers to "know" English or Chathan. Capone Katzet's lawyer was Byron S, the Sultan of Juggalo in the Garvey Islands. He pointed out that the President doesn't have to speak English or Chathan, and argued that the cat knows the two languages. Judge Mednick made a landmark decision adding protection from species discrimination to Article IX. Katzet was to be the president-elect.

Parliamentary ActionEdit

In partnership with Libertarian Representative Violent J, Pat McKnight introduced legislation to amend the Constitution to specify that a President or Prime Minister must actually speak a national language. It passed with 23 "ja"s and 22 "nej"s.

Unrest Outside Executive HouseEdit

The day after the Parliament's decision, Whytecliffe resident Doug Sessions led the Animal Rights Coalition (consisting of Green, PFP, Progressive, and Workers' members) to block Andrew Napolitano's entry into the Executive House. King Patrick arrived on his Tropius, and suggested that Capone Katzet should be given a chance. Soon after, Sheoth resident Pete Roker and the Humans Only Coalition (consisting of Classic Liberal, Constitution, and Libertarian members) appeared. King Patrick said that if Doug and Pete battle Pokémon, the winner could have his way if he defeated Patrick. Pete defeated Doug, but then lost to King Patrick, who said that he would look into the issue of Katzet at a later time, and had to get some "motherfucking lunch". People of the Opposition Coalitions then had a street fight with their Pokémon.

The High Court (alternate history)Edit

The dispute had to go to the High Court of Pacardia. HRE King Patrick Pacard, who has the highest say in justice vested in him, struck down Capone Katzet's eligibility for the presidency. He said the following:

"Are you guys retarded? He's a fucking cat. He only knows Catonese."

Andrew Napolitano of the Constitution Party then became President.

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