The Pacific Dollar is the Suvolean currency, which is a Base5 currency.

Pacific Dollar Sign and Currency Edit

The Pacific Dollar Sign is P/D. For example, P/D5.00. Since the Suvolean Currency is a Base5 currency, the money amount from one Pacific Cent to one Pacific Dollar's order goes as below:

  1. P/D0.01
  2. P/D0.02
  3. P/D0.03
  4. P/D0.04
  5. P/D0.10
  6. P/D0.11
  7. P/D0.12
  8. P/D0.13
  9. P/D0.14
  10. P/D0.20
  11. P/D0.21
  12. P/D0.22
  13. P/D0.23
  14. P/D0.24
  15. P/D1.00
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