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Peacocke County is a county in the Dragoonasag state of Penoshia. Peacocke County was named in honor of explorer Jonas Peacocke IV, an early settler in the state. Its current county seat is York.


Peacocke County was created in the 1860s. The county was first settled by war veterans, and, over time, more people moved to the county.


Peacocke County is located in South-Central Penoshia, and the landscape is mostly hilly. The Tiquash River flows through the county.

Adjacent countiesEdit

  • Augustus County (south)
  • Shatner County (west)
  • Bartlett County (west)
  • Walsh County (north)
  • Gleasey County (north)
  • Perry County (east)
  • Jarington County (east)

Major routesEdit


Peacocke County had a population of about 37,267 at the time of the last census.


  • Benchford
  • Denton
  • Henderson
  • Thorpesburg
  • Wallowa
  • York
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