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Andrea Butler (D)
12,762,966 (2013 Census)
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 Pearl City (Also known as "The Capital", "Fedland" or simply "Pearl) is the capital of Cheyenna Republic. It is also the most populous city in the nation with a population of 12,762,966 people according to the 2013 census. Pearl City is located in the heart of the nation in the northeast portion of Seminole. The current mayor of Pearl City is Andrea Butler.


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Dark Tuesday RiotsEdit

Main Article Dark Tuesday Riots

On July 23, 1957 (Also known as "Dark Tuesday") a big riot occurred in Pearl City. Several other smaller riots occurred throughout other urban cities in Cheyenna that day. The rioting is a response to racial discrimination in the Pearl City Police Department and in the federal government. Over 700,000 rioters participated in the rioting causing massive destruction to the city. 21 people were killed in the brutal and violent rioting including 3 police officers. 173 more people were injured. The rioting in Pearl City caused an estimate $3 Billion in damage.

Pearl City F5 TornadoEdit

Main Article April 10-13, 1984 Tornado Outbreak

Pearl City was hit by a violent F5 tornado on the evening of April 11, 1984. The tornado caused destructive damage to the western and Northern sides of the city and did major damage to the Cheyennan Parliament building. In total the tornado caused about $13 Billion in damage and killed 75 people. 600 more people were injured. CRCBS-TV Reports that the worst of the damage was the Northern fringe of Pearl City and that Downtown was "spared this time". The next day, the Cheyennan National Weather Bureau reported that Pearl City was once again under an Extreme Risk of severe thunderstorms but no major tornadoes touched down near the Pearl City area.


There are several media choices and outlets located in Pearl City. Pearl City is also home to some of the most famous newspaper and TV channels in the country. Pearl City is the largest media market in the entire country. More than 300 newspapers and 500 magazines have an office in Pearl City. The Pearl City Tribune is the main newspaper company in Pearl City.