Pennall County Wall

The "Pennall County Wall" welcoming tourists / motorists to the county.

Pennall County is a county in the Dragoonasag state of Lohana. It is located in Central Lohana, and is one of the state's smallest counties. It is also one of few counties in Lohana not to have its own county seat. Some people consider Pennall County to be a part of neighboring Liberty County, but it is not.


Pennall County was created in 1895. The former town of Pennallville served as its county seat until 1950. Since then, the county had no county seat.


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At the last census, Pennall County had a population of about 134,987. Much of the county's population lives within the part of the Liberty metropolitan area that lies within the county. Ninety-six percent of the county's population were born in Dragoonasag, and 35 percent were born in Lohana. About 98 percent of the population is able to speak English.


  • Dorsey
  • Liberty (part - most of Liberty is in the county of the same name).
  • Masons
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