Penoshia State Route 63 (abbreviated PEN-63) is a north-south state route maintained by the Transportation Department of the state of Penoshia. Its south end is at the Borderline River on the Salviana state line. Its north end is at National Route 333 in Walshville. It merges with Dragoonasag Interstate Route 46 briefly in Peacocke County.

Counties traversedEdit

  • Pierce County
  • Augustus County
  • Peacocke County
  • Perry County
  • Gleasey County
  • Walsh County


  • Perego
  • Grierson
  • Crossroads City
  • Christian
  • Europe
  • Thorpesburg
  • York
  • Benchford
  • Cerosston
  • Mad Hook

Major intersectionsEdit


From its beginning at the Salviana state line, Route 63 basically travels northwest-southeast through Pierce, Augustus, and Peacocke Counties, until it reaches DI-46. The route briefly merges with the freeway in the York area. After splitting from the freeway, Route 63 travels northeast toward Benchford, and shortly after Benchford, it turns northwest, continuing in this direction until its north end in Mad Hook.

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