Lake Persey Fault in Lohana

Location of the (Lake) Persey Fault (white line) in the state of Lohana

The Persey Fault (also known as the Lake Persey Fault) is a seismic fault in the Dragoonasag state of Lohana. The fault takes its name from Lake Persey, which lies on the fault. The Persey Fault is a hidden fault, and runs from near Lake Persey in Allay County to northern Northampton County. The fault is not considered to be very active, and the last earthquake to have happened along the fault occurred in Haraf in 2009.


The Persey Fault begins just north of Lake Persey in Allay County, Lohana. The fault then proceeds to slice through the lake, and, shortly afterwards, cross State Route 346 just south of Haraf. The fault line then turns from east to southeast, continuing into Senardo County and passing just north of the city of Townsmont. The fault passes through southwestern Senardo County, and then enters Northampton County. The fault passes to the north of the town of La Domain. The fault ends in northern Northampton County.


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