The piccocchuse is a plant native to the Dragoonasag states of Lohana, Carlana, and Chaumar. The plant's name derives from an Ayuse word that translates to "poison" (or "poison flower"), as the plant is poisonous. It is rumored that if a victim were to touch the plant in the wrong areas, the victim would die almost immediately. This rumor has not been proven true. When English-speaking settlers settled the area, many piccocchuses were cut down to build cities and towns. Stands of this plant can be seen from Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 as motorists traverse the mountains of eastern Lohana. A section of Lohana State Route 505 is designated "Piccocchuse Way". The region in eastern Lohana, southeastern Chaumar, and northwestern Carlana where the plant grows natively is called "Piccocchuse Country". In Lohana, piccocchuses are referred to as devil plants; in Carlana, they are referred to as death plants, and in Chaumar, they are referred to as plague plants.