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Jill has historically been a liberal, left leaning nation, with the two leftist parties — the Green Party of Jill and the Democratic Party of Jill — always holding a majority of the seats in the Lower House and Upper House; but with the Greens ahead in Prime Ministerial elections. Jill has one conservative party, the Conservative Party of Jill, which holds a minute number of seats, most located in rural areas outside of Shady Oaks. The Conservative Party has never won a presidential election.


Jill was founded based on strictly liberal policies which were injected heavily into its constitution. Internationally, conservative political ideals have been waning for decades, and in places like Eneritia and Easten almost completely dead. With most of Jill's immigrants being from these two nations, the political ideals of many of Jill's earlier citizens was also liberal. The Democratic Party of Jill was the original liberal party in Jill, founded in late 1842. Created along with it was the Right Way Party of Jill, the original conservative party, composed mostly of immigrants from Vistlands and Terra, the former being Floyd's only non-democratic nation.

Until the formation of the Green Party in 1918, Jill's government was dominated by the Democratic Party. The Right Way Party suffered its worst electoral performance in 1908, after gold rushes in the south had further increased the popularity of the Democrats. The Right Way Part subsequently dissolved, leaving the Democratic Party as Jill's only party. Fear of a single-party state developed, and as a result the Green Party was founded in 1918 as the main contender to the Democrats. In the election of 1920, the Greens easily took a majority hold on both Houses as well as the prime ministerial office. This bitter defeat created a rift between the two parties, and Jill has swung between both in elections since.

It was not until 1955 that the Conservative Party was formed, and it has endured the same struggles as its predecessor.

Political affiliation by areaEdit

Historically, Port Justin, Brownsville and the Green Belt have been strongly affiliated with the Green Party. Most southern coastal cities, such as River End and Blue Bay, also regularly vote Green in elections. The Greens also historically control most of inner Jill and North Oak, which is considered a swing city.

The Democratic Party has a stronghold in the north and west, in notable cities such as North Port and Shady Oaks.

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