President of Veridia
Comrade President
New Moscow, Veridia
Term Length
4.5 years (Maximum of 2 terms)
Constituting Instrument
First Holder
Jim McCoy
(February 1st, 2045 - December 8th, 2054)

The President of Veridia is the executive head of state and government of the Federal Socialist Republic of Veridia.


The President is elected by universal suffrage extended to every citizen and worker in Veridia over the age of 16 years old. The process of campaigning is highly regulated, with scheduled debates occurring every 30 days of the 90 day election period.

The election is conducted via runoff-voting to ensure that the elected candidate obtains a majority. If no majority is obtained in the first round of voting, the three candidates with the most votes are selected for the second round of voting.

If no majority is obtained in the second round of voting, the two candidates with the most votes move onto a third and final round of voting, where the candidate with the most votes is elected President.


The Presidential candidates must choose their nominees for cabinet and ministry positions before the election, to ensure that the voters know the policies they are voting for.


The Federal Socialist Republic of Veridia is a presidential republic, which allows for the President to have considerably strong powers. These include:
•The power to veto any law approved by the People's Assembly. The law is then put to a public vote and requires a <50% majority to pass.
•The ability to dissolve the People's Assembly when a government crisis has been declared.
•The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Veridian Armed Forces, and can override any General's orders.
•The President receives foreign ambassadors and dignitaries.
•The President may grant political asylum to refugees.
•The President may dissolve the cabinet at any time but most obtain his new nominees' approval by the People's Assembly.
•The President may pardon criminals, grant them amnesty, or lessen and suppress sentences.

The official duty of the President provided by the People's Constitution is to uphold and ensure that the People's and the Constitution's Will is carried out diligently and efficiently.

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