Queen Anjelique Von Ochler
May 17th 1947 - October 23rd 1996
Preceded by
Succeeded by
July 17th, 1924
October 23rd 1996 (age 72)

Early LifeEdit

Queen Anjelique Von Ochler was the Ninth monarch of Vantrapolis and the third monarch in the Ochler Dynasty. She was born on July 17th, 1924, to King Hermann Von Ochler III and Princess Triana of Swaikamen. As a child, she went to the same school all other Vantrapolian monarchs went to.

Her reignEdit

She was crowned Queen on May 17th 1947 at the age of 26. She married Earl Karl Emmil of Cryte when she was 29. On June 6th, 1968 she gave birth to Hermann Von Ochler IV, her first son. And on July 17th 1970 she had her second son, Jurro Von Ochler, 4th Earl or Cryte.


She died at the age of 72 from old age. She was replaced by her first son.