Below are quotes from Fatjohn, Frederick, & James, the first installment of Fatjohn Adventures.


"We're at the 187. DI-92 is about seventeen miles ahead."

(as he is having trouble driving on the road) "Stay in the left lane."

(sarcastically) "Well, I believe the people who said thirteen was an unlucky number."

"No, I'm not superstitious."

"Well, you don't hear me belching, and you don't see me smoking cigarettes."

"Well, let's get this load over to LeDoux before I'm dead."

"New York was built by people."

"I'd like to see a Mississippi welcome center."

Jarita AlinEdit

"Are we stopping in Filmore?"

"James, you need to be more civilized, like Fatjohn."

"Excuse me, but what trouble is James starting now?"

Frederick KalgarronEdit

"He sold it to the state of Lohana for $689."

"James, what did you eat?"

"Someone else can have my Rourk load. I'm bound for LeDoux, Salviana."

(to James) "That loud belching was uncalled for."

(on the Appemone Electronics Headquarters' computers) "My brother bought one of their computers, and it crashed two days later."

James LawwEdit

"Um, is this Prescaderna?"

"Well, I'm gonna have a beer"

"When the rains come, it's sayonara for that gazebo."

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