The Adventures of Fatjohn, Austin, Sean, & Parker is the second installment of Fatjohn Adventures. Below are some quotes from the installment.

Fatjohn OrangeEdit

"Austin should have been back by now."

"Well, it should have been thirty-six sheets, because it seems like you took fourteen hours to load my trailer."

"Does it seem like I'm going 85 miles an hour?"

(about the first traffic jam) "It's that long?!"

(about a fast car) "Well, it's too fast! It should be illegal!"

Austin BlizzEdit

"What was your brother thinking when he drove this fast car into this town?"

"Charles Alkarron won three races there."

"Is there anything here that isn't too much?"

"That's where Pennall County plays their home games."

"I thought that was Lohana State."

"I'd pay big money to see James climb that mountain."

"I am not going up that mountain."

"I don't even think this place is in business."

"What's wrong with Highville?"

Sean Kevin WilliamsEdit

"Only if it's okay with Jim Randall here."

"My brother was quarterback for Pallatto in high school."

"Lohana City is not really bad."

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