Racing Incorporated 1000
Manufacturing plant
Plant1, Blue Moutians, Eneritia
Racing Incorporated Basic platform
Top speed
601.8 miles per hour
Base price
JD$120,000 (US$240,000) — $200,000 (US$400,000)

The Racing Inc. 1000 is a supercar by Racing Incorporated. With top speeds of 450 to 600 miles per hour, it is the fastest land car in Floyd


The 1000 was released in 2006 as the company's fourth car. It came in two editions, the 1000-A and the 1000-X. Using a 7-series Supercharged 2000 EPM fusion engine, it also has the most advanced engine of any car in Floyd. It reached a top speed of 601.8 miles per hour on September 8, 2006, at a testing site near Racing's Plant1.


Edition Cost (JD$) Engine Top speed
1000-A $120,000 (US $240,000) 7-series 2000 EPM 454.61 miles per hour
1000-X $200,000 (US $400,000) 7-series Supercharged 2600 EPM 601.8 miles per hour

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