Rallystown Year Ball, 2000

The ball on top of the Allye Building in September 2000; the side shown is opposite the side reading "2000".

The Rallystown year ball, officially called the 2000 Rallystown Millennium Ball, is a spherical object built for display on top of the Allye Building in Rallystown, Lohana during the year 2000. During 2000, the ball read "2000" on one side while being displayed on top of the skyscraper. It was removed in January 2001 and moved to the Rallystown Museum. While many residents loved to see the ball on top of one of their buildings during 2000, others felt the people responsible for constructing and erecting the ball should have waited until 2001 to do so, as 2001 was the actual first year of the third millennium.

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