Randall Patterson

Randall Patterson circa 2009

Birth Name
Randall Joseph Patterson
January 17, 1968 (age 50)
Years active
1986-present (musician)
1988-present (Southern Five Group/Feline5 member)
Rita Rassenger (1991-present)

Randall Joseph Patterson, sometimes known as Randy Patterson (born January 17, 1968) is an American-born musician and actor[1]. He is the lead singer of the group Feline5.

Early life and familyEdit

Patterson was born in Guinna, Tennessee on January 17, 1968, to Jacqueline and Joseph Patterson. He grew up listening to music and was a big fan of musicians Roger Flann and Thomas Haicks Hebert. Patterson was also a huge fan of sports, and ended up playing on his high-school football team[2]. After he graduated from high school, he decided to pursue a career as a musician, against his grandfather Bernard Gynnon Patterson's (who was in the military) wishes. (Patterson's grandfather wanted him to join the military.)


Patterson began his career as a musician in late 1986, and soon met fellow Feline5er Jasper Randall. The two bonded together "mainly because his last name is my first name", according to Patterson. The two performed together as a duo for a year before forming what is now the Feline5 with three other men.


Patterson, Randall, and three others united in 1989 to form the Southern Five Group, which later became the Feline5. Patterson was the lead singer of the Feline5, and continues to hold that position to this day. He is also a writer for many of their songs, and, in the nation of New Calehedra, it is rumoured that he directed six of the group's music videos[3]. Patterson and his group guest starred in an episode of The Jordsons; this was Patterson's second time on the show, while it was the other four members' first time. They also played a fictitious band mostly based on themselves in the film The Great Storms.

Outside the Feline5Edit

Patterson has also done work sans his fellow Feline5ers. He united with artists John Mulanco, Goe Hau, and Geoff DeSpulla in 2007 to perform a song called "That's Why They Said It was Crazy". He has recently been working on a solo album, named "Randy Patterson", which may or may not be in stores in January. As Randy Patterson, he starred in an episode of The Jordsons as a famous singer named "Walt Montaco".


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