The Rational Crosser is the most popular sedan by Rational Motors. It was introduced in 1972.

Rational Crosser Edit

The Rational Crosser released in 1972 and ended production in 1981. It was a rear wheel drive, 2-door sedan priced at $1,899. It was inexpensive and easy to build. It sold over 600,000 units in it's first year.

Rational Crosser 2 Edit

The Rational Crosser 2' was released in 1981 and ceased production in 1989. It carried 1.6 L engine at 70 hp with a standard 4-speed transmission. The sales didn't quite meet up with it's predecessor, but the sales were good.

Rational Crosser 3 Edit

The Rational Crosser 3 was introduced in 1989. It was the third entry in the Crosser series of cars and the worst selling. It finally ceased production in 2001. In this twelve year run, it only sold 1.5 million units.

Rational Crosser Millennium Edit

The new Rational Crosser Millennium model was released in 2001. With the new marketing program for Rational Motors, they hoped to sell more than the very first Crosser. It did so, it sold more than double the first one. The Crosser Millennium sold 1.4 Million units in it's first year.

Rational Crosser Millennium 2 Edit

The Rational Crosser Millennium 2 was released made in 2005. It looked very similar to it's predecessor, but was more powerful. It sold over 1.9 million cars from 2005-2007.

Rational Crosser Unlimited Edit

The Rational Crosser Unlimited is the newest addition in the Crosser series. It will release in 2008 and finish production in 2010. It will be the last Crosser.

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