Rational Motors
Be Logical.

Rational Motors is one of the largest automakers in the world. Founded in 1900, it has always been focused on leading the way.

History Edit

In 1895, James Wilkins left the Limestone Railroad Corp. He left it to start building automobiles. In 1900, he finally opened up a small automobile shop called Rational Motors. Rational Motors eventually started to grow after outstanding sales. By 1924, it become one of the most well known and reliable companies around.

In 1927, Rational Motors created the first affordable automobile. It was simply called the Rational A3. The reason it was called this was that the first cars went through the alphabet. They went from A-Z, then from A2-Z2, and eventually it went to A3.

In 1950, during the company's fiftieth anniversary, they held a press conference and announced that the cars would no longer be named after letters of the alphabet. During this press conference, they also announced that during the 30's and 40's sales had plummeted. They announced that they would be cutting back on production.

The 1950's were better in terms of sales, even though there were only three models every year. In 1967, they announced that they will once again boost production and the company would be great again.

Rational Motors was doing great. Over time, models changed but it was still one of the best out there. In 1989, the company announced that now they have nearly perfected quality and low cost for most cars, they will focus on safety.

During their one-hundredth anniversary in 2000, they announced that they were cutting back on automobiles again until they had more money to manage the company.

2008 seems to be a good year for Rational Motors. They officially announced the return of all different types of vehicles and technologies. The new cars will be produced from 2008-2010.

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