Ray is a town in the Lohanland County, Lohana. It is part of the Lohana City statistical area, but is not in the metropolitan area. The current mayor is Al Cantz, Jr.


Ray was founded in 1879 by Douglas Brampton of Nopoly. Brampton named the town after his father, politician Stephen Brampton. It was renamed "Ray" in 1885, after Judge Vence Ray of the Cutra Territory. Ray College was built in the 1890s, and lasted until 1939, and the college's football team was the Ray Mountain Eagles. The town of Ray was destroyed in the 1956 Cutra Territory Earthquake, but the town was rebuilt. In the 1980s, Ray High School's football team held the title of "Small Town Champions of the Northern Cutra Territory", and for two years after 1989, they held the title of "Small Town Champions of Northern Lohana".


Ray is located in Northern Lohana, in the North-Central Highlands region. The town sits on the Lohanland Fault and near the Persey Fault.

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