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Brie-Cheese-Country declaires war upon Applecity.[edit | edit source]

The 29th November 2009 6:37pm The Bries declaired war upon Applecity because of the negotiations failing because Applecity didn´t want to give or sell their technology to Brie-Cheese-Country. All Battlegroups have order to send all soldiers, tanks, airplanes and ships to Smeden, Normay, Applecity, Fenland and Denwark to defend the Scandinavian Alliance borders from enemy attacks and the rest of the alliance armys also defend their respective countries. Totaly the Scandinavian Alliance is defended by 3,2 million soldiers and the Brie-Cheese-Country totaly fields 5,2 million soldiers so the question is: Will the union withstand the attack?

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