The refit of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) occured between 2270-2272, after the Enterprise returned from it's famous five-year mission. All of the ship's major systems were either upgraded or replaced completely.

The Enterprise before the refitEdit

Before the refit, the Enterprise was a considerably outdated ship. The ship computer had a mechanical voice, a lower down-load rate then any other ship in the fleet, and a compartively small memory bank. The ship's hyper-engines reached a speed of 0.5, but yet consisted of a series of matter containers, linked to a series of hyper-control panels. The main engineering room had one main control panel and several linked cannisters. The warp (hyper) nacelles bore outdated plasma circuits, which helped funnel power to the impulse engines.

The ship had only a photon torpedo launcher, and the phasers required a 1-minute recharge rate.

The refitEdit

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