Western Talmoria (officially the Republic of Western Talmoria) is a independent nation that is a "partial-protectorate" of the Republic of Sogona. It is located on the eastern side of Sogona and is noted for its high concentration of Talmor people living there.

Republic of Western Talmoria
Native Name
Republic of Western Talmoria
Western Talmoria
May 1, 2078

-August 24, 2078 (Unofficial Independence)

-November 8, 2086 (Official Independence)

-November 12, 2094 (dissolution)

-January 30, 2129 (Re-founded)
Port Talmoria
Largest City
Augustus City
Federal Republic

-President Daniel Hutchinson(Dem)

-Vice Presidnet Chaley Richards (Dem)

-Assembly Speaker Justin Colfax (Dem)
National Assembly
1.45 million (as of December 8, 2142)
Talmorian Fraxc (TFX) and Sogonan Dollar (SGO)


Ever since records have been kept, the debate over Salina Province (Western Talmoria) and its right to sucede have been heated and frequent. In the early days of Sogona, Salina was heavily mentiond as the oversees province to the GDT. There was a peace agreement involved, but talks fell through and it was never signed. As recently as 2040, debate has raged over this Province. The GDT claimed it owned Salina while Sogona claimed it as its rightful owner. Then in 2072 after countless failures and false starts, Salina Province granted autonomity to them selves. Sogona was (and still is) debating this idea. They refused to recongnize Western Talmoria and still dont to this very day. In 2082 an election was held for President and Ellen Peterson won with 56% of the vote and became the first President of Western Talmoria. In 2094, President J.D. Young was assasinated along with 4 members of his cabinet. This plunged the nation into chaos and a rebel force known as TIA, launched a nationwide offensive against the government. In August 2094, peace talks stalled and the government has placed the nation under martial law and curfew. The nation formally broke up in 2094, but was refounded in 2129.


Western Talmoria is officially the smallest country in the world.

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Western Talmoria is considered to be the second behind the Grand Duchy of Talmor in the vast population of ethnic Talmors. They currently make up over 57% of the population. Almost half of the population is female, while people from age 18-30 make up about 47% of the population.


The nation has about 1.15 million people in it. Every 5 years, a census is taken to count the number of people in this country. Most of the 1.15 million people live in the suburbs outside of cities and that makes up about 65% or almost 2/3 of where people live. 20% live in the cities them selves while, only 15% live in rural areas of Western Talmoria.

Top 5 Largest CitiesEdit

1. Augustus City: 210,100 (Talmoria)

2. Hollis Point: 191,000 (Ondora)

3. Talmar: 152,000 (Talmoria)

4. Port Talmoria: 117,000 (D.O.T)

5. Uugandar- 93,130 (Amherst)


Western Talmoria ranks 14 out of 21 in the education field. The country has four 4-year Colleges/Universities (3 public, 1 private) and six 2-year Colleges.


-University of Western Talmoria

-Oceanic State University

-Churchill College


-Talman College

Social WelfareEdit

The country has numerous social programs such as Social Security, Medicare and a optional universal healthcare plan. There are even programs that help the lower class of the nation such as a Food Card and welfare checks.


The country has a well trained and equiped military that is small but efficient. The military is up to date with the best technology money can buy. The nations Military Center of Command is at Southern Oceanic Naval Air Station (SONAS). The military has 3 branches including 1 special force unit. The nation has recently been involved in the production of strategic weapons such as nuclear weapons.

Military BranchesEdit

Military BranchTotal Enrollment (active/reserve) Weapons
Army321,00013,600 types of weapons
Navy21,320330 ships available
National Air Force8,000120 aircraft available

Strategic WeaponsEdit

Strategic WeaponsNumber In Stock/Type
Biological WeaponsNONE
Chemical WeaponsNONE
Nuclear Weapons3 in stock

Fission Bombs

  • Boom-Boom (18 kilotons)
  • Sting (20 kilotons)

Fusion Bombs

  • Enforcer (8 megatons)

Special ForcesEdit

Special Force
Special Operations-Rouge Squadron (SO-RS)

Politics & GovernmentEdit

Western Talmoria is considered an Independent State with a working governmnet of 3 branches. It should also be noted that the nation is a protectorate of Sogona.


Western Talmoria is a Federal Republic with a President and Vice President who are elected to 2 non-consecutive terms. They are aided by a cabinet of 9 departments. The nation is also served by numerous independent agencies and organizations.

National LeadershipEdit

President: Daniel Hutchinson (Dem)

Vice President: Charley Richards (Dem)


Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Mike Walsh

Secretary of National Affairs: John Dodd

Secretary of Defence: Rex Chambers

Secretary of Finance: Yuri Chrisalvich

Attorney General: Andy Renault

Secretary of Trade & Commerce: Jim Ibachke

Secretary of Transportation: Ryan Williams

Secretary of Education: John Davidson

Secretary of Health & Social Services: Ruth Halloway

Independent AgenciesEdit

National Emergency Agency (NEA)

Intelligence Bureau (IB)

Talmoria Aviation Board (TAB)

Housing Authority (HA)

National Welfare Administration (NWA)

National Labor Administration (NLA)

Office of Ethnic Affairs (OEA)

Postal Commision (PC)

Office of Enviromental Oversight (OEO)


Republic of Sogona: Anne Conners

Orukan Union: TBD

Grand Duchy of Talmor: Bruce Aldorfe

More nations will be added at the discretion of the Secretary of Foriegn Affairs.


The nation is supported by a unicameral legislature known as the National Assembly. It has 300 seats and holds elections every 4 years. In order to fill all 300 seats, each of the 3 provinces and thedDistrict is divided into Congressional Districts based upon population. In the 2146 elections, the seats will be increased to 350 to give 50 seats to the District of Talmoria as they do not have any congressional districts.

National AssemblyEdit

Assembly Speaker: Justin Colfax (Dem)

Seats: 300


Democratic Party

-Leader: Eric Gregory

-Whip: John Wynn


Conservative Party

-Leader: Lisa Franderse

-Whip: Eli Richardson

Independent Party

-Leader: Tony Hass

-Whip: Donald Ivans

Political Parties:

-Democratic Party (Dem)

-Conservative Party (C)

-Independent Party (Ind)

Current Makeup:

-Democratic Party (Dem): 163

-Conservative Party (C): 137

-Independent Party (Ind): 22


As of right now, the country has no plan to modify its court system. We are currently under the jurisdiction of the Sogona System of Courts.

Provincial GovermentsEdit

Western Talmoria has 3 Provinces and a District; each with their own government and legislative branch. Currnetly, the Conservative Party has the majority with 2 provinces. In the minority is the Democratic Party with 1. There is also 1 Independent.

Political Structure

Conservative Party: 2

Democratic Party: 1

Independent: 1


Amherst Province

Population: 180,000

Governor: Kim Wylles (C)

Capital: New Cantonville

Largest City: Uugandar

Seats: 70

Talmoria Province

Population: 417,000

Governor: Frank Anderson (C)

Capital: Nevona

Largest City: Augustus City

Seats: 110

Ondora Province

Population: 335,000

Governor: Alex Borstein (Dem)

Capital: Lysonne

Largest City: Hollis Point

Seats: 100

District of Talmoria

Population: 115,000

Mayor: Susan Dewine (I)

Capital: Port Talmoria

Largest City: Port Talmoria

Seats: 35

Laws of Western TalmoriaEdit


The country shall operate under the Constitution of the Republic of Sogona with the option to draft its own Constitution if its deemed necessary.


-The President is the HoS and HoG

-He/She will have a limit of 2 non-consecutive terms

-The term shall last 4 years

-The President and Vice President shall be elected through an election based on popular vote

-The President shall have a cabinet to assist he/she in the Gov't

-The Vice President shall also be the HoG, but will not have the same powers as the President and will have limited power as HoG

-The term limits are the same as the President


There will be a Unicameral Legislature in the country named the National Assembly. It will have 300 seats and elections will be held every 4 years.


The system of courts shall line up with the on in the Republic of Sogona.

Elected OfficialsEdit

-Any party may compete for elections in the nation

-The nation shall hold Presidential Elections for the country as well as for the Republic of Sogona

-The election shall be held on the same day as the elections for the Republic of Sogona

-Assembly Elections are held on the same day as House of Reps. in Sogona

-Suffrage Age: 17

Note: Western Talmoria has FULL voting rights in the House and Senate of the Republic of Sogona


The nation shall have the right to:

-Levy taxes

-Levy tarrifs on imports/exports

-Build Infrastructure

-Maintain an education/healthcare system

-Maintain a well trained military

-Start/Engage in any military conflict of intrest

-Print Money

The nation shall not do the following:

-Deny garunteed rights to any citizen rights

-Impose the death penalty


-The nation shall adhere to the International Law of the Sea

-Any treaty that is currently active in Sogona, shall be active in Westren Talmoria

-Then nation can impose border restrictions in emergency situations

-Passports shall be required before entering the nation at any border crossing

-The nation has the right to impose sanctions against another nation

List of PresidentsEdit

PresidentVice PresidentTermsPeriodParty
John MartinBenjamin Anderson12129-2138Conservative Party
Benjamin AndersonJosh Thompson12138-2142Conservative Party
Daniel HutchinsonCharley Richards12142-presentDemocratic Party

Current Political PartiesEdit

Major PartiesEdit

-Democratic Party (Dem)

-Conservative Party (C)

-Independent Party (Ind)

Minor PartiesEdit

-Tax & Social Party (TSP)

-Talmorian Alliance (TA)

-United Farmers Association (UFA)

Other small parties and political associations exist in Western Talmoria


List of Governor Elections

List of Presidential Elections

List of Mayor Elections

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