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Reynoldsland National Route 1 (abbreviated REYN-1) is a national route in the country of Reynoldsland. It runs along the west coast of the island nation. Route 1 is one of the longest roads in the nation.


Route 1 begins in the Loveport metropolitan area. It serves as the main road of downtown Loveport before turning due north and running parallel to Route 301. After running due north for about six miles, Route 1 turns northwest. It intersects Route 301 in South Beach City and then roughly parallels the west coast until Valentine City. At Valentine City, Route 1 turns northeast toward Goodheart, where it turns north and roughly parallels the east edge of the Reynoldsland Coast Division Military Base. At Yorkville, it turns northwest toward Velvet Town, where it turns north and stays close to the west coast while entering the Reynoldsland Capital District and Reynoldstown. In Reynoldstown, Route 1 is known as Beach Highway. After leaving the RCD, Route 1 turns northwest, and continues in that direction until Northwest Cape.

Major IntersectionsEdit

Reyn1 northern Reynoldsland

REYN-1 in Extreme Northern Reynoldsland