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Reynoldsland National Route 2 (abbreviated REYN-2) is a national route running from National Route 1 in Safety to Beachtown. The route is designated as the West-to-East Highway.



Reynoldsland National Route 2 begins in Safety at Route 1. The route then travels east into the Clean Diamond Mountains. In the mountains, Route 2 is a four-lane dual carriageway and has railing on both sides. After leaving the mountains, Route 2 enters the town of Sweetwhite, where it serves as the town's main street. After leaving Sweetwhite, Route 2 enters the Central Reynoldsland Valley. Route 2 turns southeast, remaining a four-lane highway. The road continues this path until it reaches the Queenston metropolitan area. Route 2 crosses the Loveport River, then passes halfway between Queenston and Royalton. The route intersects Route 7 just outside the Queenston metropolitan area. The route then turns east, and later turns northeast toward Beachtown and Reynoldsland's East Coast.

Future plansEdit

In 2009, the Reynoldsland National Transportation Department announced plans to repave Route 2 and upgrade it to a freeway. The project was expected to begin in November of 2009, and was to be completed by 2012[1]. Due to problems, the nation's government postponed the route's upgrade to 2014[2]. It is also to be designated the "West-East Freeway".

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