Reynoldsland National Route 3

Reynoldsland National Route 3 shield

"South" end
Essley Beach, Beachtown
"North" end
Major cities

Reynoldsland National Route 3, abbreviated REYN-3, is a national route in the island nation of Reynoldsland. It runs from Beachtown's Essley Beach neighborhood to National Route 1 in Reynoldstown. It is also known as Northley Highway.

Communities traversedEdit

  • Beachtown
  • Queenston
  • Plantlake
  • Sugar City
  • Reynoldstown

Major intersectionsEdit

  • REYN-2 in Beachtown
  • REYN-7 in Queenston
  • REYN-1 in Reynoldstown

Route descriptionEdit

Route 3 begins at Route 2 in Beachtown's Essley Beach neighborhood. REYN-3 proceeds west, and, upon leaving the Beachtown metropolitan area, travels along a four-lane dual carriageway through the East Mountains and into the Central Reynoldsland Valley and the city of Queenston. From there, REYN-3 crosses the Loveport River, and turns north, continuing through the Valley toward the town of Plantlake, and then toward the town of Sugar City. After Sugar City, Route 3 turns more east and through the Clean Diamond Mountains, and then forms the western boundary of the Reynoldsland Secret Agent Training Grounds (RSATG). Shortly afterwards, REYN-3 enters the Capital District, and continues toward REYN-1 in Reynoldstown.

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