Rhode County Courthouse in Almina

The County Courthouse in Rhode

Rhode County is one of Almina's seventy-nine counties. Its county number is 31. Its name origin is not known. Its county seat is Rhode.


Rhode County was created in 1871 by veterans of the Battle of the Peregos. They chose the city of New Harperstown to be the county seat. In 1900, New Harperstown was renamed Rhode, after the county.

In 2004, Rhode County banned the sale of alcohol and cigarettes within the county.


Rhode County is located in western Almina.

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Rhode County had a population of about 17,394 during the last census.

The following was the racial make-up of the county in 2008.

Racial Make-up of Rhode County's Population[1]
Race Percentage Notes
Caucasian 87.2
African 6.2
Hispanic 6.2
Other 0.4

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