King Phillip Richard Gehamburg IV is the ruling monarch of Florco. He was born into the Royal German line as the son of King Thomas III, and took his place as King of Florco in 1997, after Florco gained its International Status.

Titles and stylesEdit

His official reference style is His Majesty, his spoken style is Your Majesty, and his informal spoken style is Sir. However, he has been known to ask members of his cabinet to call him "Dick." He has many honorary degrees as well awarded to him by the University of Florco. Included in his degrees are:

  • Ph.D
  • Ed. D. (during his role as Prince, he was a prof at the University of Florco, and indeed earned his Doctors degree in education.)
  • D.P.A. (he was awarded a Doctor of Public Administration degree for his overhaul of structure at the royal palace upon becoming King)
  • D.L.S. (he was awarded his Doctor of Library Sciences degree after creating the Florkish Library System)
  • D.Rec. (he was awarded his Doctor of Recreation degree after creating the Florkish Metroparks)

Official nameEdit

This is the king's full professional name:


His Majesty King Phillip Richard Gehamburg IV, descendant of the Royal German Family, By the Grace of God, of the Kingdom of Florco and of His other Realms and Territories King, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, Commander of the Florkish Army, PTSJJ, Ed. D., Ph. D., D.P.A., D. L. S., D.Rec.,


Son Majesté Phillip Richard Gehamburg IV, descendant d'altesse de la famille Allemande Royale, par la grace de Dieu, du royaume de Florco et de Ses autres Royaumes et Territoires Koi, Chef du Commonwealth, Défenseur de la Foi, Commandant de l'armée de Florkish, PTSJJ, Ed. D., Ph. D., D.P.A.,D. L. S., D.Rec.

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