Robot Wars was an FPS game by Reptor Productions. This page shows a walkthrough, Enemies, and playable Characters. It is a game about a world which Robots inhabit, and a terrorist group Destroys an important city, and several agents are sent to investigate who leads them, and defeat them.


Act 1Edit

Mission 1:The left wingEdit

Playable Characters-Crel, Narls, Manther

Enemies-Grunt, Guard, Commander, HASU, Engineer


Part 1Edit

A cutscene shows the destruction of a city, then someone briefs Crel and Narls on a mision which is in a space station. They have a secret agent in there, called Manther; who you recruit later. The ship lands in the station and you can choose to play between Crel and Narls. You start in the Hanger, fighting Grunts and Guards, and after you defeat them, a door opens, once you get in there, you are attacked by a squad of Grunts, led by a Commander. Then a HASU bursts through threw a door, which must be killed by shooting the after you kill it, you can go through the door, which leads to an Engineering room, and you're attacked by Engineers. After you kill them, Manther comes through the door, and the part ends.

Part 2Edit

There is a cutscene where Manther gives Crel and Narls some information, saying they have to get to a special room, to fight Nelroy. You choose to play between the three. Then you go through a hallway, fighting Grunts and a commander. after you defeat them and reah the end of the hallway, you're attacked by more grunts. You must guard Manther, or, if you are Manther; solve a puzzle. After she's done opening the door; you finish off the Grunts and go into the next hallway. There are more Grunts and two Commanders. After you kill them, you find a door guarded by two Guards. After you kill them, the part ends.



  • Crel-An Elite class agent, and partner of Narls
  • Narls-An Elite class agent, and Partner of Crel
  • Manther-A Hacker class agent, she infiltrates the terrorists and meets up with Crel and Narls


  • Grunt-A normal enemy, always carry Assault rifles, and they're silver. Of the Scout class.
  • Guard-A red Grunt with armor. You must get a Sniper and shoot the weak spot to kill it, though if you have a Laser Rocket, Heavy Assault Rifle or a Turret, you can destroy the armor. They carry Energy swords. Of the Scout class.
  • Commander-A Yellow Grunt. They doge more than normal Grunts, and have more strategised attacks. They carry Duel pistols. They are of the Scout class
  • HASU "Heavy Artillery Shield Unit"-Shielded Heavy units, there shields can be taken out by EMPs or a very heavy force. They wield laser Rockets. Of a special class
  • Engineer-Weaker than Grunts, they often hang in the air, shooting you with pistols. Of the scout class.