Ron Oard

Ron Oard in 2008

Birth name
Ronald Patrick Oard
December 3, 1971 (age 47)
Musician / actor, activist, martial artist, RAF pilot
Years active
Gretta West (deceased), Diane Woffenheim (1994-2007)

Ronald Patrick "Ron" Oard (born December 3, 1971) is a musician and actor. He is one of five members of the Feline5, along with Randall Patterson, Jasper Randall, Dan Knox, and Randolph Orange. Oard has acted in shows such as The Jordsons and a film in which the Feline5 played a fictitious band that lets success go to their heads.

Early life and familyEdit

Oard was born on December 3, 1971, to Stephanie and Patrick Oard. He was raised mostly by his Aunt Frances and Uncle John. Both of Oard's parents died in a car crash[1]. Oard was not a huge fan of sports, but he played football during his sophomore year in high school. It was not until after high school that Oard decided he wanted to pursue a career in music.


Southern Five Goup and Feline5Edit

Oard joined the Southern Five Group in 1989, and chose to play the drums for the group. In 1991, Oard appeared with fellow Feline5ers Jasper Randall and Dan Knox on The Hylton Douglas Show, where they talked about their successes with the group and their future plans. In 1994, Oard invited his fellow group members to his wedding to Diane Woffenheim, and they performed after the wedding. Oard then suggested the Feline5 film a music video at the location of his wedding, and they filmed the video for 1995's "Where I'm Gonna Be" at the location. When Dan Knox became the victim of scandals and rumors in 1996, Oard unsuccessfully tried to convince the world that Knox did not do what he was accused of doing. In 2004, Oard and the other Feline5ers were outraged when Davis Keltara covered one of the Feline5's songs without permission.

Acting careerEdit

In 2006, Oard and his fellow Feline5ers guest starred in an episode of the sitcom The Jordsons as themselves. Recently, he and the other Feline5 members had starring roles in The Great Storms, in which they played members of a fictitious band.

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