The Royal Advisors is the upper house of the Royal Council of the Kingdom of Youngia. The Royal Advisors are controlled by the monarch.


The Prime Minister of Youngia

The Vice Minister of Youngia

The Chief Minister of the Council

The Minister of State and Foreign Affairs

The Minister of Defence and Military Affairs

The Minister of the Treasury

The Attorney General

The Minister of the Interior and Envoirmental Affairs

The Minister of Agiculture and Farming

The Minister of Trade and Commerce

The Minister of Labor and Management

The Minister of Health and Human Services

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development

The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure

The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

The Minister of Education and Schooling

The Minister of Veteran's Affairs

The Minister of Homeland Security and Coast Guard Affairs

The Prime Minister of Youngia

The Director of Managments and Budgets

The Trade Repersentative

The Envoirmental Protection Adminstrator

The Youngian Ambassdor to the United Nations

The Chairman of Economic Affairs

The Royal Chief of Staff

The Press Secetary

The Offices Leader

Each recieves $500,000 Youngian dollars a month.

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