Sims Broadcasting Company (SBC)

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Youtube Series Network
United States of America
Anyone who can access: YouTube
by (as SBBTV) Dan Nazar
Pushing beyond the standard.
Key people
Dan Nazar, President of SBC
Launch date
September 29, 2008
Former names
Sims Big Brother TV, Sims Broadcasting, Sims Productions
Callsign meaning
Sims Broadcasting Company

Company HistoryEdit

The Sims Broadcasting Company (SBC) was founded in September of 2008 by Daniel Nazar. SBC's content is hosted exclusively on and is available for anyone to watch. SBC has one of the highest ranked YouTube Sims Big Brother Series.

A New EraEdit

On November 25, 2009, SBC announced that "it is the dawn of a new era for SBC" this meant that SBC would be changing it's ways for the future, starting with their new slogan: Pushing beyond the standard Due to controversy over ethics SBC broke their affiliation with Sims Reality Network and SimmerTV, ending all deals with SRN and STV, this canceled the SBC: Teen Choice Awards 09 and the collaboration between the three production companies; this also ended all advertisement of the other two companies on the SBC website. SBC denied comment as to the state of its relationship with SRN and STV. The "New Era" also meant a new PR (public relationship) SBC will no longer be as responsive to the viewing public, as this is an effort to sustain integrity and professionalism of the company.


SBC's content includes reality programming, news programming and an upcoming drama series.

Series ShowsEdit

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  • "CSI: Veronaville" ~(pre production)

Canceled ShowsEdit

  • "Sim Nation"
  • "SBC's Kids' Choice Awards"
  • "SBC's The Early Show"
  • "SBC's Teen Choice Awards 09'